Frequently asked questions

Do I need any prior experience?

To be eligible for this role, you don’t need any formal qualifications or experience in Corrections. Instead, we look for people who are flexible, mature and open-minded.

What are the physical requirements?

While you don’t need to be an athlete to work in Corrections, you do need to be in good physical health. You will need to pass a medical or fitness exam to secure the role.

Is there an age limit?

Other than being over 18, there are no age requirements to becoming a Correctional Officer. However, you will need to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

What does the role pay?

Our salary for shift work is $86,013 – $94,751 plus 11.5% superannuation. During the 12-week training program, your salary will be $62,702 per annum plus 11.5% superannuation.

Experienced Correctional Officers may be eligible for recognition of service including above base salary following training, and reduced training requirements.

What hours will I work?

You’ll work a fully rotating roster of around 76 hours per fortnight. The shifts you work will be 8, 10, or 12 hours.

Prison facilities operate 24/7 including public holidays and weekends. Our rosters allow for a good work/life balance including eight weeks annual leave.

Do I need to be tough?

Being a Correctional Officer can be challenging. However, listening and talking are the solution to most problems. Plus, you’ll be trained to stay safe, while working alongside a team that always has your back.

How do Correctional Officers help prisoners?

Correctional Officers are there to help people rehabilitate and reintegrate into the community. It means becoming a role model, mediator, trainer and mentor. You’ll also turn lives around by helping people develop their work and social skills.

What does the training involve?

If your application is successful, you’ll begin 12 weeks of full-time training. This involves classes and practical activities where you’ll learn to keep yourself and others safe. You’ll also undertake job placements within the prison system. During these placements, you’ll be teamed up with experienced officers.

Experienced Correctional Officers may be eligible for reduced training periods.

What’s the application process?

First, you’ll submit an online application. There will then be written tests, interviews and an on-site assessment. Learn more on our How to Apply page.

Do I need a background and police check?

After your application is submitted, we’ll run checks to make sure you’re the right fit for the role. These include background, employment, and identification checks. You will also need to provide us with a police check.

Do I need a driver’s licence?

While a current unrestricted driver’s licence is preferred, it’s not an essential requirement of the role.

Where are Tasmania’s prisons located?

Our facilities are located in Hobart, Risdon, and Launceston.

I’m a Correctional Officer working interstate. Can I work in Tasmania?

We welcome Correctional Officers from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. You’ll enjoy great working benefits alongside our passionate, diverse team. Plus, you can explore our beautiful island during your days off. Learn more here.

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