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While Correctional Officers play a key role in rehabilitation, they’re not in it alone. The Department of Justice brings together specialists, program deliverers and community members to turn lives around.

Be a part of change

When you start your journey in Corrections, you’ll join a passionate team that always has your back. It’s a team that spans the entire Department of Justice, making you an important part of our mission towards a safer, fairer Tasmania.

We see correctional facilities as a tool for reducing offending and reintegrating people back into the community. As a Correctional Officer, you have a unique opportunity to truly change lives. You’ll help create an environment that supports meaningful rehabilitation. And you’ll develop the skills to become a great communicator and mentor.

How you can change lives

Change happens in many ways. It often starts with a conversation. By having positive communications with prisoners, you’ll become an important role model. Your interactions will help people develop their social skills and will make prison a place where change happens.

As a constant presence in a prisoner’s daily life, your insight will be very important. In fact, they can help our specialists break the cycles of reoffending. Liaising with social workers and psychologists, you’ll make observations, raise concerns and reinforce positive messages.

Working as one team

At the Department of Justice, you’ll work with a wide range of people and services. Together, we provide ongoing care management and prisoner rehabilitation. We also provide crisis support and help people cope with prison life.

During your career, you’ll connect with a number of non-uniformed team members. This includes psychologists, social workers, doctors, and parole board members. You’ll also work with services such as the Red Cross, Connect 42’s parenting program, Alcohol and Drug Services, and TasTAFE.

Part of our mission is to understand and intervene in the causes of offending behaviour. We’re also here to help people thrive on their release. As a team, we help prisoners reintegrate into the wider community, reconnect with their communities, find employment, pursue an education and more.


We’re committed to an engaged, diverse and inclusive workforce. Through our Diversity and Inclusion Project, we are building a supportive, inclusive, and diverse workforce that works together to create change.

Meet us in person

During each recruitment campaign, we give applicants the chance to join us at an information evening. These are usually held in the south of the State, but you can also join us online.

During the session, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about becoming a Correctional Officer. Plus, officers and senior staff will be there to answer any questions you might have.

You can find the dates, times and locations of our information evenings on the TPS Careers website.

* Currently there are no information sessions scheduled *

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